The Rita Evonne Fraiser [REF] Foundation vision is to develop and provide scholastic assistance to minority students. The Foundation will enable us to do what we do be of service to our youth.

The REF Foundation will assist in developing the “Leaders of Tomorrow” in Engineering, Mathematics and Science. We expect these leaders to be hardworking, knowledgeable, honest, assertive, persuasive, resourceful, and committed to serving others. The Foundation will always strive to inspire others to embark on their journey to greatness and be of service to others.

Our Goals

  • To provide financial assistance to the economically disadvantaged student majoring in one the following areas of study: Engineering, Mathematics, or Science
  • To provide programs and mentoring to economically disadvantage students
  • To encourage minorities to strive for high scholastic and ethical standards in life and technical fields
  • To expose minorities early in their educational development Engineering, Mathematics & Science
  • To provide opportunities for minorities to participate in a variety of cultural experiences promoting technical fields
  • To develop or enhance various components of leadership amongst individuals who participate in our programs
  • To inspire excellence in all those who participate in our programs
  • To instill positivity, dedication, strong work-ethic, commitment and determination in all that participate in our programs
  • To work with corporations and colleges to create opportunities for corporations and other institutions to connect with qualified individuals through outreach, internships, volunteering and/or mentoring programs.